"I am now in my late 40's and I am doing my best to stay active. Along with that comes strains and injuries (as my grandmother used to say, getting old isn't for sissies!). Most of the time it is my back or hips, but recently it was a pulled hamstring. in to a stretching session with Brad and walked out with huge improvement in my mobility along with significant pain relief.  I have found these stretching therapy sessions to be very beneficial to me, and Brad certainly knows how to get the results I am looking for."


Brad G.


"Brad is very informative courteous and knowledgeable. He walk you thru the assisted stretching & he makes sure that you are at a comfortable level. You can after a few days, I still feel very loose and nimble Plus, he'll show you what you need to do at home to maintain our improve that level of flexibility. The place is very easy to get to from the highway and off of Haggerty I works define cine back to him again."

David L.

"Brad is a talented and caring therapist. He is extremely knowledgeable, considerate and strong. When I first came to see him I was in excruciating pain due to herniated disks in my neck and sciatic pain. One session is all it took to get me moving and able to continue about my life. His effort has greatly helped my recovery from car accidents I did not bother to get assessed for and therefore had been suffering from needlessly. He was even able to detect that my atlas was out of place, later confirmed by x rays and addressed by my chiropractor! 
He has helped me better understand my body, how fascia functions and why it's so important to keep it fluid, and I have not had a debilitating episode since. He has also helped my husband who most recently woke up unable to move due to severe lower back pain. Brad had him come in that very morning. My husband calls him magician because he was relieved immediately after one session. 

been Combined with his knowledge of physical function and fitness training he has an integral in our journey to better health. His attention to your specific needs and goals is like no other therapist I have known. He really wants to see you get well, succeed and achieve your goals. He has become an important source for our health and we recommend him to anyone we know who is suffering from persistent pain and discomfort in their lives. Don't wait, call him, he can fix you!"


Zai G.

“I spent many years being unhappy with my weight.  I tried different classes and types of exercise with no real long term success.  it sounds cheesy, but bootcamp really has changed my life.  I am so much happier and healthier and I couldn't have done it without you Brad.  You pushed me every class and fort hat I am so grateful.  Never before have I looked forward to working out.  I'm not saying I was thrilled to be there every time, but you always made it worth the trip.  Seeing the positive changes in my life as a result of better strength and mobility is a strong motivation to show up each time.”

Vanessa Miller,


"I worked out with Brad for the past two years and I never felt more prepared for a season.  He created hockey specific workouts which helped me maximize the growth in my game.  We focus on injury prevention, strength and conditioning, core training, and a lot of one leg stabilization which is crucial for hockey."

Andrew Debrincat ,

American International University,


"I have been going to Brad Ashby for my workout training for a little over a year now, twice a week.  I love going because it is NEVER boring and we never do the same routine twice. Each time, he askes me how I'm feeling and if there are any issues we need to work on.  He then adapts the workout to whatever is going on with my body.  He is very knowledgeable and personable and is always giving me tips on what I can do at home to help alleviate any discomfort I'm experiencing.


I've had several different trainers in the past, and after six months the routine always got pretty boring so I eventually stopped going.  I certainly don't have that issue with Brad.  He is very receptive to doing whatever it takes to help me feel better, become stronger, more flexible and balanced.  Whatever one's age, I highly recommend Brad Ashby as a personal/group fitness trainer."

Sandra Guerro,


I have been training with Brad since September 2013.  Brad is very knowledgeable in the field of functional fitness, continually learning and introducing new concepts to my workouts.  He brings a calm and focused approach to personal training.  Brad takes the time to understand my fitness goals, and develops workouts that are challenging yet within any physical limitations I may have.  At 54 years old, I feel that iam in the best overall condition of my life.  Thanks Brad!

Rich Kerns